Sales & Educational Tools 

for Digital Banking

We have created digital booklets covering the five most important online banking topics. These digital booklets are concise and templated, ready for your financial institution's custom edits.
Your team can customize, edit and brand them to match your digital banking experience.
Market-Ready Digital Booklets

Download our collection of five, short, templated digital booklets. Each booklet focuses on a major digital banking topic. 

Murphy & Company has spent 50+ hours creating each digital booklet. All that’s left for your team is to add your brand and make the final edits to match your digital banking experience. 

Digitally publish the finished booklets on your website for end users and staff to access from nearly anywhere. 

Sales & Educational Tools (SET)

This table shows the five digital booklets we prepared for you to implement during sales and training activities. 

Digital Banking

Digital Banking is more relevant today than ever. Let our digital booklets help you expand your relationships with minimal cost and effort. 

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