FINTECH marketing and education

Over the past 30 years, Murphy & Company has helped hundreds of financial institutions achieve their digital banking goals. We offer extensive knowledge and valuable marketing solutions to the FinTech community. Our decades of real-world experience allows us to help drive enrollments, streamline implementation, and strengthen relationships with your account holders.


We understand that financial education is an important part of an account holder's overall experience. That's why we have built our online banking educational content around the unique needs of our customers and their community.


Financial institutions can take advantage of our promotional materials to advertise their online banking platform. We offer a variety of customizable materials that highlight the benefits of using online banking. Our materials are eye-catching and engaging, making it easy to capture the attention of potential users.


Custom creative video content is a powerful way to promote and educate your customers about your online banking platform. Our team of experienced producers and animators can create custom videos that are tailored to your brand and highlight the benefits of using your online banking platform.


Our educational resources are tailored to the specific financial landscape of the area, providing our customers with valuable information and resources that help them make informed financial decisions. We offer a variety of resources like security tips and mortgage education.

Our communities

Whether you built your own digital banking platform or use a FinTech vendor, we can provide educational content and marketing support. We have invested in several communities, and have extensive educational and marketing content ready for banks and credit unions offering those experiences. We are always looking forward to developing new partnerships, so reach out and learn more about our services!