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The First Step Toward
Safety and Security

Murphy & Company’s Security Tips & Fraud Prevention video series reduces, practically eliminating the workload off of you and your staff. Our series of topics is presented in a friendly and consistent manner that addresses your need for banking security and fraud prevention education. Our video package is accessible, easy to implement, and branded for your institution. An educated audience and internal team is a powerful combination. Our goal is to help you keep everyone safe and secure, and to ensure a positive experience for all.

For under $5000, you can take this important first step toward safety and security.

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About the Playlist

Murphy & Company’s Security Tips & Fraud Prevention video series provides a lighthearted view of some serious online security topics and encourage end users to protect themselves from online and business fraud. These 15 videos discuss the importance of general, consumer and business security. The video package also includes marketing materials to support your FI’s security campaign. This customizable video package designed to fit your financial institution’s budget and desired messaging.

Our primary goal is to educate consumer and business users to avoid the pitfalls of online fraud.

Video Package Includes

  • Security Tips & Fraud Prevention Video Playlist
  • 15 videos to inform end users and business on how to create a secure digital banking experience
  • Branding services to add FI logo and other elements to the videos
  • Security Tips & Fraud Prevention Guide
  • 20-page guide highlighting online security and safety tips
  • Branding services to add FI logo to the guide and can be formatted for printing or online viewing
  • Marketing calendar outline
  • Sample emails and social media posts
  • Implementation guide
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