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There are a number of ways Murphy & Company can help your financial institution grow above and beyond any expectation. 


We help you promote your online channel, provide product updates when your FinTech vendor releases feature updates, help you inform end users of a new core installation, assist and provide merger communications strategies, provide greater customer service and build stronger relationships with end users through branded and accurate content.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos showcase your services and drive awareness of online banking features. This content is great for social media, banner-ad campaigns, staff training resources and more!

Educational Videos

We offer full libraries of Educational Videos to walk end users step-by-step through popular and important functions. These videos are great visual and verbal resources for new end users and staff training.


User Guides

If end users need a bit more detail about a specific feature, you can refer them to our comprehensive user guides. 

Once you deploy our interactive user guides, end users will have access to detailed instructions to help them navigate through important online banking features.


Our large library of user guides allows for highly branded material with minimal editing at a low cost. All you need to do is provide us with your branding guidelines and access to your test account—we’ll handle the rest.

      Custom Mobile Banking Playlist

          for Webster Bank

Custom Content

Need something else? No problem!


Murphy & Company creates custom content from scratch. Provide us with your branding and creative direction—we’ll fill in the gaps. Normally, custom content is expensive and requires excessive amounts of time to produce. Our experience enables us to quickly move through the development phase of your custom video at a fraction of the time and cost it would require elsewhere.

Merger Communications

When acquiring another financial institution, we can help you build a crucial marketing and communication plan with welcome materials and concise video overviews.

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