our mission

To provide quality financial education and communication tools to guide your staff and customers through a more fulfilling digital banking experience.

who we are

Murphy & Company is a FinTech focused marketing firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. We have helped hundreds of financial institutions achieve their digital banking goals. Our world-class creative content is supported by 25 years of direct work experience and front-line knowledge, which helps drive greater enrollments and digital banking usage.

remembering paul murphy

Paul A. Murphy was an online financial service trailblazer and a strong presence in the FinTech community for over 30 years. Paul began his career with Prodigy Services Company in 1992 and worked with Boatmen’s Bank (now part of Bank of America) to launch “PC Option”, one of the nation’s first online banking offerings.

Murphy & Company, Inc. was founded in 1995, a place where his humor and generosity made employees always feel like family. Paul is also the author of Banking Online for Dummies (IDG Worldwide, Inc., 1999), the very first book written about the digital channel.

Today the company is a solid and respected resource to the digital banking industry. The spirit and passion of Paul continues to run through the company in fond memory of what he established.

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